Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Realty behind Women

Whenever some friend of mine tells me that he saw a homely figure, I cringe. Definitely, this homely girl term has to be one of the worst solecisms in Indian youth parlance; simply because it means plain and unattractive. Traditional girl would be more apt. Didactics apart, last night one of my distant relatives was babbling on the phone about how her daughter-in-law was so homely. On hearing this, I started dabbling with the words - home and girl - which lead me to this post. Having had some pretty decent experience in both these domains, I was soon catching up with my train of thoughts, halting appropriately to write down whatever popped up.

After all, finding the right house is like finding the right partner. Agree?  In most cases it is. So stay with me as I try to find the Realty behind Women


  1. Scouting for both, mostly requires the help of brokers(I mean the marriage ones) and both can be sought out in the internet. Both can be acquired without the help of a broker too, but that requires time and effort. On the other hand, it saves money in the form of broker commissions
  2. Both have high maintenance costs and require an army of service crew; beauticians, gynecologists, pediatricians and astrologers in one case; plumbers, electricians, painters and gardeners in the other.
  3. When you change your house you need to pay damage & repair costs. Similarly, when you split ways with your spouse you need to pay alimony
  4. In both cases, if you are not making the right proposals then and there, you may very well lose them to some other guy with brighter prospects.
  5. A good deal is directly proportional to the size of your bank balance.*
  6. Both require the assent of a registrar. And when in trouble both get solved through courts.
  7. You have to change several times before you find the ONE HALF. 
  8. Finally, as days go by; as both grow old; you start loving them more than ever. Or is inurement the word? :)
Differences: (This section is more fun )
  1. After man got civilised, he started owning more than one house simultaneously. Whereas..:(  Also you can call the second house as a big house but you can call your second wife only as chinna veedu  
  2. You want your house to be as big and your partner to be as slim; as possible.
  3. One is mostly square in shape and stays that way till the end while the other mostly resembles a hyperbola and as time goes by becomes round.
  4. A house can be shared with a friend, but ..,
  5. You are put up in your house while on the other hand you have to put up with your girl
  6. You can build your own house but you can't manufacture your ideal girl
  7. You are the master of one and the slave of the other
  8. Some one else can claim your house as his, but the other possibility is highly unlikely

*No offense ladies - not meant to be pejorative. I think there is nothing wrong in a girl looking for a rich man apart from obvious expectations like intelligent, kind, lochinvar-ish etc., Perhaps, we all know as a fact that all living beings, of either sex, are very much  hard wired at microscopic levels. A woman intuitively and inadvertently looks for the strongest (in modern terms richest) and hence the safest mate to rear her children; while a man looks for the prettiest and the most attractive. Its in the blueprint. And this is what has enabled all species to perpetuate. Though in some backdrops(read human eccentricity), this postulate doesn't necessarily hold true, in most cases it does hold water.

Trivia update: I am including this only because my friend is insisting. He says Bungalow means a small cottage and hence the word a big bungalow  is an oxymoron too. There friend!! I have included it in the post. Happy? So now go to sleep.  Another friend points out that the word homely girl actually transfigured from comely girl. Also readers! Include other similarities and differences that my train of thought may have missed.


    1. this post actually made me look up the meaning of the word..Woo! To all the buggers who advertise requesting 'tall fair and homely brides'- may you all get what you want :D

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