Sunday, June 13, 2010

The First Crush

Crush - Is the word an euphemism for unsuccessful love? Or is it an abbreviation for crushed love? Are all things with the name Crush destined to go kaput? - remember that beverages company? Whatever the etymology, I am not a great fan of the word; I prefer muse. Nonetheless, let me take a business class, window seat jaunt by the time machine down the memory lane. Don't expect a six/seven year journey - it is something more like a 20 year one and I am 23 :)
It was a time in history when, the great Cold War ended, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, India was not yet economically liberalized and a pesky kid's parents decided to put him in kindergarten. My parents always pride on the fact that I was the only kid who was not wailing and throwing tantrums among the 40 odd group, when I joined "Rose Mary School, Tirunelveli". Maybe they won't be so proud if they are aware of the fact that their son was smitten by a pretty girl standing at the class entrance.