Monday, December 13, 2010


Tamizh cinema has come a long way from those days when loser-stalker love stories where successfully doing their rounds successfully in tinsel town.  Sethu came as a shot in the arm for Kollywood film makers who loved to make out-of-the-box movies but were unable to do so for fear of rejection. If not for Sethu, I am sure we would have never had a Subramanyapuram or a Myna. I am digressing.  
Enna Koduma Saravanan Ithu?

 Meet Raja ‘Myth’ran (note name carefully fellows), a man who weaves a Cameron-meets-Dharani-meets-Spielberg-meets-Vasanthabalan world in his neo noire (whatever that means) , superhero, action cum thriller cum comedy flick – A.Y.A.N.A.A.R ( imagine animation with fonts whizzing past the screen amidst inspirational BGM). The movie is so good that it is set to make history as the first Indian movie to be remade in Hollywood. Wait - that’s  unnecessary. Just dubbing this movie into English and unleashing the monstrosity, raw and wild, on unwitting westerners should suffice.