Saturday, March 27, 2010

My first attempt in marrying english & tamil poetry

 1) Its in tamil. So any one who cant read tamil happens to visit this post "I am very very sorry". You guys dont know how lucky you are by not reading this post :)
2) Have used english at some places as I cant find the right tamil words for these ideas. If i become a celebrity someday this will be called a "revolution" in tamil poetry :)
3) "All ye language prudes listen!!" This is my first poem (or rather attempt ) so go easy on the horrible mishmash of words and even more terrible எதுகை  and மோனை .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Om Sree sex scandal aaya namaha!! selling hopes aaya namahaa!!!- Part I

Disclaimer: Has enough truth which can hurt and question ( if you are open enough ). So please skip this post if you think Vishnu will rescue the souls of the world as Kalki or that Christ is acting in the next Judgement Day movie or if Prophet Muhamad was a ...(please fill in the blanks since Salman Rushdie may get a "fatwa" but later he will get Padma Lakshmi. But I can't take a similar risk)

Though I have enough  thoughts, a wide gamut from religion to politics, which when spilled out in its entirety can send every man in this planet on a wild frenzy for my blood, I tend to reserve my opinions and post only those articles that have passed an entire mental checklist I have created to better elongate my breathing days in this planet. Though I am about to digress from what I am intending to say, please hold on from some more lines or better "goto ESCAPE;".