Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Man from Earth - A real work of genius

In a line: To be nominated for the Nobels rather than the Oscars.

When I die and am in the gates of heaven/hell (suppose), if I am allowed to carry one object from earth along with me to my afterlife, then most definitely, without an iota of doubt, it would be the DVD of the movie, The Man From Earth. Most definitely I would also smuggle Saving Private Ryan with me but that's for a separate post. But even if the advanced scanners and detectors of St.Michael detect my mischief and if forced to comply, then I would give SPR a pass for the sake of TMFE ( please bear with the acronyms) . Because seldom do we come across a one and a half hour movie that has been written(crafted would be apt) by an acclaimed writer (Jerome Bixby - the brain behind Star Trek) for forty years, completed only on his deathbed through oration, with just eight characters throughout the movie, with Beethoven as a musician, filmed within 1200 sq.ft or less, marketed by BitTorrent, a $20,000 budget, no CGIs and yet keep us engaged for the whole 89 minutes. Phew!! I need to go get some water. That's quite an impressive resume.