Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Justin Bieber Trending mystery demystified

If you had not been working for the US govt on some top secret project in Area 51, you should have pretty much known about this gadfly which goes by the name Justin Bieber. He seems to be an eternal unfixable bug in twitter's "now trending" feature. Intrigued, I got into some digging on a weary Sunday afternoon, to answer the question in every netizen's mind "What makes Justin Bieber tick?". And guess what! Eureka!!

Click on picture twice to zoom

Update: Twitter squashes the bug. Click here

P.S: 1)I sincerely don't want to breach the sanctity of sachin. But cant help it. Sorry sachin

2) This blog was done using javascript, to edit my twitter page. Inspired by @krishashok's Facebook Mahabaratha. The javascript can be found here. Its cool.

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